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With FX - Blak Prophetz
Hot For You (Remix) - Justin Timberlake & Warren Stacey
The 2nd Coming feat Tony Tone/Ced Gee puls more - Blak Prophetz
Themes Volume One - Sure Shot
Themes Volume Two
What Is Rap feat ced Gee & Joey Conzo - Blak Prophetz
Butterflies Ray Ellington feat Soul Garden
Think - JPQ aka The Soul Garden
My Own Way - Soul Jones feat Soul Garden
A Time 4U - Blak Prophetz
The Situation - Blak Prophetz
U Gotta Give - Blak Prophetz
Groovy Day - The Soul Garden
How U Like - Blak Prophetz
What Is Rap feat ced Gee & Joey Conzo - Blak Prophetz
What She (really) Needs by The Soul Garden
Closer by The Blak Prophetz
Back In Love by Joyce Sims & Funk Division (Soul Garden)
Missing You - Produced by The Soul Garden
Rain Clouds - Produced by The Soul Garden
Don't Stop - Produced by The Soul Garden (M.Duffus)
What The F##, Pt1 - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Butterflies (World Peace) - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
New Dimensions - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Themes Vol3 - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Want You - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Think About You - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Dreaming - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
The Lowdown - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Tell Me Something - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Man on the Moon - Produced by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
With Fx/Maddest Style by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
The Jet Set by Blak Prophetz (M.Duffus)
Rebekah Ross
Themes Vol 4 - The Hip Hop (The 90's)(M.Duffus)
Blak Prophetz & Fonda Rae Search'in (M.Duffus)
Funk Division
Yvonne Curtis
Funk Division


  • Africa Bambaata
  • Joyce Sims
  • Fonda rae
  • Glen Goldsmith
  • Mintos (Urban Species)
  • Justin Timberlake
  • The Soul Garden
  • Ced Gee (Ultra)
  • Urban Species
  • Rebekah Ross
  • Warren Stacey
  • Preeyah kalidas
  • Dawn Penn
  • Yvonne Curtis
  • Funk Division

He is a Global Hip Hop/Jazz Record Producer, influential speaker and mentor performs as Sure Shot or Blak Prophetz. He is of is of Jamaican descent and originally from England where he formed the band called Blak Prophetz in the early 1980s. He has been an rapper, songwriter, record producer, drummer and DJ since 1979 whose inspiration came from his father, who was also a DJ from Jamaica who lived in Atlanta, USA for for a short spell before moving to the United Kingdom.

The young Sure Shot's turned to the drums, D-Jaying with his father and radio drama when he was 13. Having been a drummer in a funk & rock band in his early teens you can understand why his rhythm section in production had often given off such power. He has managed to have worked with many reputable musicians including what he would call the ones who inspired him the most which includes Afrika Bambaataa, Joyce Sims and Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MC's, Dawn Penn, Glen Goldsmith, Fonda Rae and many more. Sure Shot's techniques has been compared to the likes of DJ Premier, Paul C in some instances and has always been heavily involved in the Jazz scene having worked with the likes of Us3 and Urban Species, It was Giles Peterson of Radio One who introduced Sure Shot to Mintos of The Urban Species back in the mid 90's.

Sure Shot is signed under a publishing deal with BBC Worldwide. Since the album, there have been other releases, including. "What Is Rap" which was used in the Global TV commercial for Mentos Fruity 3 Gum. Whilst working on the Blak Prophetz next album he has also been involved other productions for Joyce Sims under the name of The Soul Garden (Now called The Funk Division, his personal jazz/funk/neo production band). He is also an A&R Consultant for Tune Tribe's new London music consultancy company Arising Artists.

A politically themed song called What the F## Pt.1 was released towards the end of 2013. During that same period the song became very popular and the author and founder of the Hip Hop Foundation Magazine, Karl Smith reviewed and praised the song describing it as "Slamming" stating, "It touches on issues amongst today's youth.

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